Repertoire & line up
Equipment & setup

The types of music we support is jazz, pop, swing, funk, cocktail, dinner, lounge, party music and Greek retro swing. Our music group consists of two people, voice and piano/keytar. Our program varies in duration and style according to the client needs.  Our performance utilizes backing tracks along with live music, and these features, when combined together create a dynamic, uplifting effect full of energy, produce a good and pleasing to the ear result capable to fit like a glove nearly any venue, much like a DJ, thus transforming your event into something unforgettable.


We have designed & built our own custom sound-box in order to minimize setup time, achieve a tasteful, discreet installation while taking up minimum space.

Our stage setup is mostly wireless.

The setup is simple and reliable, the microphone is a wireless dynamic Shure. We use a wireless in-ear system for trouble free voice monitor purposes. The keytar is wireless as well thus it allows us to move around and interact with the guests if needed.

Out of view ,inside the box, everything plugs into a wireless Midas, digital, 12-channel console and gets channeled out as a common stereo line to connect to the existing audio installation on the venue and/or PA sound system. We handle our mixing and sound engineering needs in order to assure the best possible sound results.